WORKSHOPS AND LECTURES for 2023 to be announced

****************** Workshops 2023**********

These workshops are 5 - 6 hours long. Teaching fee is $600 per class. Transportation, housing, and meals to be provided by sponsoring group. Some classes  have kit fees to be paid in addition to the teaching fee.  Please contact me at 985-893-3954(H), 985-373-7116(C), or nancy@fiberartsstudio.com. for more details and scheduling.   Ask about half day or custom classes as well. Thanks!


Machine Quilting -
This class teaches the student to work with their sewing machine to confidently quilt using both freehand and straight line techniques. Each student will work on muslin samples, practicing continuous line stitching and various types of all over quilting designs. We will cover not only stitching, but also thread types, marking tools, marking options, and basting. There is a $15 kit fee for this class, which provides everything except thread and sewing machine.

Modern Log Cabin Quilts
No more measuring each and every log strip..........no more boring, same old, same old blocks.......no more stitch this fabric here and that fabric there.............break free of the old and welcome in the new! Log Cabin style has loads of possibilities and we will explore them all in this fun workshop. Variety is the spice that brings Log Cabin quilts into modern day!

Curved Strip Piecing
Create long curved seams simply and easily with this technique. This method offers a wide variety of options...students can produce a landscape, start a background for an applique piece, or cut the stitched pieces into blocks and create exciting arrangements. This is a great class to expand your piecing knowledge while exploring new ways to approach curves!

Second String -
Students work with strips leftover from other projects to create new and beautiful quilts. Instruction includes three different approaches to making string quilts. Whether you love traditional or contemporary quilts, this technique will make you hesitate to throw any scrap of fabric in the garbage!

Conquering Curves -
Drunkard's Path - curved seams - no problem! Produce beautiful curved seam blocks, quickly and easily. You will be amazed how simple this pin-free technique is to do, even beginners will excel!  Instruction will include both template cutting and free form approaches to curved piecing. These methods can be used with any block that contains curved seams.

Color In Quilts-
Working on simple four patch blocks, each student will go through a variety of exercises to create hands-on class samples.  Participants will bring squares from their own fabric stash to work with in class.   Experimenting with contrast, color, texture, to name a few, you will stitch together blocks in class which can then be sewn into a quilt top, or made into a sample booklet for future reference.  This class is a favorite among all quilters, from beginners to advanced, and traditional to contemporary.

Quick Scrap Quilts -
In this class each student will work on three different methods of piecing scraps into beautiful tops. No more cutting each piece individually! These can be combined into one quilt, or get a start on separate quilts. You will work with color, value, and contrast to understand what makes a sparkling quilt from odds and ends. This is also a fantastic way to use up those 6" squares you've collected.

Triple Play -
This class leads the student through three different techniques that can be used together or separately. Instruction includes free form applique, quick half square triangles, and string borders. Combined the student will produce a unique crib sized quilt. Beginners and advanced quilters will benefit from this fun and creative class.

Free Form Piecing -
Each student works with two fabrics, joining them together using my spontaneous, free form method. Discussion will include composition, color, and movement. Create a dynamic piece with contrasting colors, or a simple background to use for applique work. This technique is different and easy to learn. Experiment with something new!


**********Lectures 2023*********

All lectures are approximately one hour long. Fee for a lecture is $200, with a $40 discount when presented in conjunction with a full day class, $20 in conjunction with a half day class. Transportation, housing and meals to be provided by sponsoring group. (By the way, tall people to hold quilts up may be required and must be furnished by the group.)

Scrap Quilts -
Here is a wonderful look at lots of beautiful scrap quilts. I love the art of mixing scraps together and stitching them into lovely treasured quilts. How to sort, store and then stitch what some people consider trash, into your own creations. And yes, I have dug fabric out of the garbage cans at the end of a class!

Common Threads - A Journey from Traditional to Contemporary-
This lecture and trunk show illustrates the relationship between traditional, innovative, and contemporary quilts. I will display my very first quilt-- a hand pieced, hand quilted sampler, followed by several quilts that relate to the familiar blocks. For example, starting with the traditional log cabin block, you will see more innovative uses of the log cabin, and see how the construction of a simple block can lead to more complicated quilts.    All levels of quilters will find this interesting and informative.

Sew Help Me! -
This lecture offers the audience a vast array of helpful ways to use your time and space in the sewing room. From storage to piecing, everyone will get useful information, during the humorous look into the quilting world!

Peace by Piece -- Express Yourself -
Quilters have a rare gift--they can use their quilts to help express the emotions we go through in our lives. Whether you are a traditional or contemporary quilter, prefer hand or machine work, the quilt is a perfect forum for dealing with the stresses of every day life, or the extreme helplessness one feels in emergencies. And it may---and I repeat MAY---be cheaper than a therapist! I will be discussing many times in which my quilts have helped me express emotions where words just fell short........and view the quilts themselves.

Simple Quilts from Orphan Blocks -****New Lecture****

This entertaining trunk show presents ideas to turn one of a kind orphan blocks and odd fabric scraps into easy quilts. Create simple quilts that make wonderful gifts or cute donation quilts. Warning---there techniques are addictive---and depletes you scrap stash!